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Kandi D.
Irvine, CA

I wish there was a way to give more stars! Went in to my primary dentist complaining of a toothache. They did an xray and said I'd need to either pull the tooth or get a root canal. I opted for a root canal, even though I figured it would be a while longer to get one scheduled for me and I'd have to suffer through a holiday weekend [at the very least] They gave Ivy Endodontic Group a call and they said if I rushed over there [at 3:30 pm!] they would be able to see me and perform my root canal.

I got there and was greeted warmly by the staff, filled out my paperwork and was seen by the Ivy Endodontist very quickly!!! A VERY short [painless!!!!!] time later, I was out the door! I cannot thank all of you enough! This must have been the quickest, least painful root canal in history!

Robin I.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Ivy Endodonic Group has restored my faith in American Dentistry. After seeing 3 dentists about an intermittent pain in two teeth that had recently been crowned by a primary dentist, none of whom were able to diagnose the problem, they knew what it was immediately. Their first course of action was to prescribe medication - unfortunately this didn`t work, as they suspected. We then did a root canal.

I can only say that, in 50 years of going to dentists, I would rate him as #1 !!!!

Ivy Endodonic Group is a wonderfully skilled, sensitive and compassionate group. If you need work I suggest you go to them. You will be really glad you did! 

Meg O.
Santa Ana, CA

Beautiful office building and office, friendly staff, excellent service!

I went to the Garden Grove office for a consultation (didn't have any services performed). I arrived 4 minutes before my appointment time, only filled out two forms, and was seen within 5 minutes. After getting x-rays done, the endodontist, Dr. Hutchens, showed up within a few minutes. He asked me about the tooth, its history and then looked inside. We talked some more, then he very clearly gave me the prognosis of the tooth and my options. He asked if I had any questions, then thoroughly and clearly answered them.

He didn't tell me what to do with my tooth, which I appreciate. He gave me my options, made sure I understood them, and left the decision up to me. If I do decide to get a root canal, I will definitely be coming here for treatment.

As a bonus, the chair faces a wide window that looks over historic Main St., just like in the picture uploaded by Sophia. It's a beautiful view in a beautiful, open and airy office building. The waiting room has comfy chairs and a great magazine selection. There's also ample parking behind the building, off of Acacia. Obviously not major factors when it comes to actual endondontic treatment, but it sure makes for a great overall experience.